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In 1976 in an Evangelical Covenant Church pastored by the late Rev. Lloyd Johnson God appeared to Larry in a bright warm light. Out of that light a voice spoke to him and said,” My son, preach My Word to all the nations“T The journey began.

After seminary at Oral Roberts University and serving the ministries of Oral Roberts, Morris Cerullo, Marylin Hickey, and others Faith of The Nations was launched in 1990 in Denver, Colorado. Since that time Brother Larry has ministered in over 60 nations with mighty signs and wonders following. In the USA preaching in most denominations one could say, “Something always happens in the Spirit when he comes to our church.”

Recently FTN has experienced miraculous breakthroughs in Cuba after completing 10 major Schools of Ministry and even an open-air crusade, with many more to come.

Bother Larry has been married to Debbie for 51 years and have 5 children Rock, April, Lilly, Isaac and Lud and 11 grandchildren. They currently reside in Parker, Colorado.